Patricia - La Pimbêche

Hey, I'm Patricia, the artist and entrepreneur behind the lifestyle brand, La Pimbêche. I am a multidisciplinary artist, from painting to graphic design, photography, and much more. I'm always seeking to try my hand at new mediums and to refine my creativity. Let me tell you: life is all about learning new skills and pushing our own boundaries. Life is about growing and evolving. If you were to ask someone I know to describe me in a few words, they would say that I’m a warm, loving person. They’d also say that I’m funny and sometimes a bit silly, and most importantly, that I want to help others open their minds to the unordinary.

To give you a bit of a background, back in 2018, I began painting feminist artwork inspired by political moments, stereotypes and women’s sexual empowerment with sarcastic taglines. It felt so natural to create these art pieces that it led to the beginning of La Pimbêche. The brand started with an accessory line, then expanded to include an apparel collection, prints and more. The brand’s objective will always be to allow my messages and my artwork to travel from one person to another. The ultimate goal is to impact positive change in society.

I define myself as an intersectional feminist. My art criticizes societal standards and gender stereotypes while also expressing acceptance and optimism. These topics inspire me because of the mission I gave myself: to contribute to a loving and inclusive world. Sounds like a Miss World pageant speech, doesn't it? I know, I know. But I really mean it. My true desire is to make others feel good about themselves.


Camille - La Pimbêche


The girl behind the branding. I first started working with Camille many years ago when I worked in the fashion industry. I immediately fell in love with the creativity that feeds her! I was so happy when she accepted to be part of this project. Camille is the graphic designer behind the brand and plays the role of art director in all photo campaigns. She is also a passionate stylist and has worked on many collective campaign projects in Montreal. I couldn't be luckier to have her by my side at La Pimbêche.

Raphaelle - La Pimbêche


The girl behind wholesales! Raphaelle has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry; her expertise is in managing small and local designer production and markets. I am super stoked to have her on board as La Pimbêche’s sales rep. She directly contributes to the business’ growth by managing wholesale opportunities and sustainability. Raphaelle is probably one of the few people on earth that can make me laugh on a moody day. I am so happy to have her on the team and be part of the journey!

Marie-France - La Pimbêche


The girl behind our French copywriting on social media! Let’s be honest, writing in French is a talent - but translating is an art! As Montrealers, we often speak half French half English, which can be charming, but it also needs to make sense when you put it down in writing at some point. MF is the girl behind most French copy for La Pimbêche’s social networks. She is the sweetest girl I know; a hustler and career woman, working 9 to 5 with so many side projects feeding her passion for life!


If the brand’s vision and purpose resonate with you and you'd like to contribute to the growth of this project, feel free to contact me at info@lapimbeche.com! Send me a snapshot of who you are (can be in any form) and tell me how you would like contribute to La Pimbêche.